About Us

Bijan Norouz Worldwide Music

Bijan Norouz Worldwide Music Co. and Bijan Norouz International Music Band has opened a new window to join Music with Science in order to produce music works in the fields of film, social issue documentaries, philosophy, wildlife, science, astronomy, cosmos, chemistry, biology, physics, quantum, music therapy, nature and Creation.

Using The High Tech – High Technology based on the highest universal standards in composition and producing music, Bijan Norouz International Music Band , benefits from the process of engineering science and Interdisciplinary, which includes Electronic Music, Systematic Music, Systematic Musicology, Music Technology, Music Psychology, Sound and Music Calculations, Philosophy of Music, Cognitive Musicology, Acoustic Music, Electro-acoustic Music, Concrete Music, Noise Music, Experimental Music and Neuroscience of Music.

Perhaps the music is the most mysterious and indescribable form of art. The irrefutable and powerful influence of music on human’s sole and body has always been questionable, which has defined and acknowledged in many different ways. Music manifests and fulfills our internal experiences and makes our emotions more consistent and organized.

We are ready and willing to provide quality service, Top Class musical and professional audio equipment to enhance the latest musical experience that will lead to a lasting relationship between you and us.