Worldwide Music

Worldwide Music

Bijan Norouz Worldwide creates music, helping advertising,broadcast, digital, and film projects bridge the divide between seeing and feeling. Built on a foundation of award-winning composers, artists, and producers, our team collaborates on a global scale, using sound to evoke emotions across continents and cultures.

Founded by composers in service of the world’s biggest brands, Bijan Norouz Worldwide Music has always championed music’s ability to inspire and provoke emotion. For over 10 years, Bijan Norouz Worldwide Music has crafted soundtracks for stories told across advertising, broadcast, film, and digital media, with services ranging from composition and sound design to mixing.

Bijan Norouz Worldwide Music hosts offices in Iran, Tehran, providing the facilities, bandwidth, and flexibility to serve as the ideal music and audio engineering partner for clients and collaborators. Our artistic approach is reflected in everything we do, embracing the intertwining of tangible and intangible qualities that make music a powerful tool in transformative commercial and experiential storytelling.

Bijan Norouz Worldwide Music brings its years of experience and creativity in music and sound design to the world of post audio production, offering a complete suite of post audio services, Dolby Digital, DTS, 5.1 Surround mixing, sound design, and beginning to end creative flexibility.

Creative expression is at the root of our success and locally as well as globally, we are committed to making a difference in the communities where we do business through our philanthropy, sustainability and diversity initiatives.

We are poised and prepared to provide Quality Service, Top Class Musical and Professional Audio Equipment to enhance the ultimate musical experience that will lead to a long lasting relationship between you and us.