The Explanatory Gap

The Explanatory Gap - Single Track Biography

Release Date: November 2018

Total Duration: 6:50 Min

Audio: Stereo PCM, 5.1 Dolby Digital & DTS Master Audio & 5.1 PCM

Audio Quality: MP3 Format . 320kbps . 48kHz

Type of Music: Concept Album

Composer: Bijan Norouz & Mostafa Talebian Arrangment by: Bijan Norouz | Directed by: Bijan Norouz | Produced by: Bijan Norouz | Electric Guitar: Bijan Norouz | Lap Steel Guitar: Bijan Norouz | Piano: Mostafa Talebian | Organ: Mostafa Talebian | Synthesizer: Mostafa Talebian | Electronic Keyboard: Mostafa Talebian | Ambient & Electronic Musical Instrument: Bijan Norouz & Mostafa Talebian | Audio Engineering Produced by: Bijan Norouz | Audio Engineer: Bijan Norouz | Sound Recording Engineer: Mostafa Talebian | Mixed Engineering by: Bijan Norouz & Mostafa Talebian | Mix & Master by: Bijan Norouz & Mostafa Talebian | Live and Studio Recording Engineers by: Bijan Norouz & Mostafa Talebian | Creative Direction: Bijan Norouz

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