Music Therapy

Music Therapy is Not the Same as Music Tuition

Its purpose is not to teach someone how to play an instrument but to allow them to translate their emotions and psychological processes into expressive music in order to release feelings, repair them and heal.

Music can offer an alternative method of communication or expression where words are not an option or are inadequate. Some feelings are just too heavy for words to carry – but music always finds a way to express them.

The aim is to bring out the client’s creativity in order to develop positive changes in behavior, emotional and physical well-being and communication.

Music is a powerful emotional medium which can affect people profoundly and seems to give us permission to connect with our deepest emotions. These emotions can sometimes be melancholy and sad, sometimes angry, sometimes exuberant, joyous and life affirming.

Moreover, this intense emotional response to music seems to be unimpaired by illness or disability.

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