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Space-themed Music

This article is about music from all genres with themes of outer space.

Space-themed music is any music, from any genre or style, with lyrics or titles relating to outer space or space travel.

Songs or other musical forms influenced by the concept of outer space have appeared in music throughout history, both in instrumental and vocal pieces with lyrics. As early as Ancient Greece, Pythagoras believed in something called the “harmony of the spheres”.

He believed that since planets and the stars all moved in the universe according to mathematical equations that these mathematical equations could be translated into musical notes and thus produce a symphony. Music about outer space attracts enthusiastic listeners from all walks of life.


Music Played in Planetariums and Observatories

Many forms of music are used Observatory and Planetarium shows, particularly genres such as Electronic music, classical music, Space music, and Space rock. Some artists, such as Bijan Norouz, specialize in creating custom music for Planetariums.


Music Made With Sounds of Outer Space

Objects in space – the Sun, planets, stars, quasars, pulsars, galaxies, and active galaxies – all produce signals that, if received (usually through radio astronomy dishes and processed), can be used by a musician as the basis for any kind of composition imaginable.

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