Bijan Norouz

Bijan Norouz

Bijan Norouz was born on 31 March, 1985 in Tehran. is an Iranian Physicist (ph.D.), Quantum Physicist (Postdoctoral Researcher), Audio Engineer (MEng), Composer (D.M.A.), Arrangement (D.M.A.), Musician (D.M.A.) and Record Producer who a member of Progressive Rock, Electronic Rock and Art Rock band Bijan Norouz Worldwide Music Co. He was interested in music since the very childhood. At the age of 9 he started learning music and Electric Guitar under the supervision of international teachers.

Gradually his desire in playing electric guitar has increased, in so far as he was studying in the field of music and Audio engineering, while fulfilling his academic education in the field of Physics until he achieved the highest levels of education.

His English and German language fluency and his interest to music, created a prodigious window in his artistic life, so far until he achieved the highest level of music and engineering as follow:

Audio Engineering (MEng), Sound Reinforcement Systems Design Engineer (MEng), Acoustic (ph.D.), Electro-acoustic (ph.D.), Psychoacoustics (ph.D.), Acoustical Engineering (ph.D.), Audio Technician (MEng), Architecture, Entertainment Architects (MEng), Experimental Architecture (MEng), besides being an Iranian Composer (D.M.A.), Ethnomusicology (ph.D.), Musicology (ph.D.), Musicologist (ph.D.) and Musician (D.M.A.).

However, he is mainly known as an Audio Engineer, Musician and a Guitarist. More than participation in Audio Engineering, Bijan Norouz, has left behind a successful record of musical work. He is also well-known for his humanitarian affairs and his participation in charity programs all throughout his professional career.

He is a Chief Executive Officer – CEO and the founder of Bijan Norouz Music Ltd., Bijan Norouz Worldwide Music Co., Bijan Norouz Publishers Ltd., Bijan Norouz Music Overseas Ltd., Bijan Norouz International Music Band Ltd., Bijan Norouz Space Habitat, World Federation of Cosmos Music – WFCM and Institution of Future and Emerging Music Technologies – FEMT, who produces musical works in the fields of film, social issue Documentaries, Philosophy, Wildlife, Science, Astronomy, Cosmos, Chemistry, Physics, Music therapy, Nature and Creation.

Moreover, he plays a very passionate role in the field of audio engineering, musical composition, playing electric guitar and writing an ideology for music notes in Bijan Norouz International Music Band. Beside the above mentioned, Bijan Norouz has achieved highest degrees in Interdisciplinary which includes Electronic Music, Systematic Music, Systematic Musicology, Music Technology, Music Psychology, Sound and Music Calculations, Philosophy of Music, Cognitive Musicology, Acoustic Music, Electroacoustic Music, Concrete Music, Noise Music, Acousmatic Music, Experimental Music and Neuroscience of Music.

Now, Bijan Norouz is known as a Lead Guitarist. The overall style of Guitar Solos which he inspired by Blues Rock, Space Rock and Art Rock includes passionate and expressive notes. He utilizes a lot of Fender Stratocasters and has collections of Fender Custom Shop Guitars.

Although Bijan Norouz is mainly famous for audio engineer and playing guitar, he is an adroit multi-instrumentalist. He has played Bass Guitar, Electronic keyboard, Synthesizer and Lap Steel Guitar as well.

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