Music the Universal Language of Mankind

The dictionary defines music as “the arrangement of sounds made by the instruments or voices in a way that is pleasant or exciting”.

But in fact music is a much more complicated notion.

Music isn’t a combination of pleasant sounds only.

It is the art that reflects life.

Certainly the appreciation and understanding of real music comes in time and very much depends on the person’s education and intelligence. All these enchanting melodies need patience, concentration and peace of mind.

However, young people nowadays gravitate towards new rhythms.

It is probably the result of changing times and influence of mass media.

Moreover, it makes them feel a part of global family.

It should be mentioned that the society has become much more tolerant to hard rock, heavy metal and space rock music. Nowadays it’s almost impossible to escape from music, even if we want to.

But, although we all can now have music wherever we go, very few of us have any real idea of the effect music has on the human system.

For many years it has been assumed that musical tastes are subjective – that one person will like jazz while another prefers Rock Music.

Certain types of music will have a particular effect on us, regardless of whether we ‘like’ them or not.

For instance, some music will help us feel relaxed and peaceful, whereas other types may be stimulating to the brain, encouraging curiosity and alertness.

Some music promotes loving feelings.

Other sounds whip up hate, jealousy, and violence.

as a result, music in being used in hospitals, and doctors have found that twenty minutes of soothing music is often far more effective than tranquilizers and sleeping pills.