Music is a Universal Language

The Music and Science Combination

Bijan Norouz Worldwide Music Group with the slogan “Music is a Universal Language” has opened a new window to the world of music. Bijan Norouz the CEO of the group has simultaneously studied in the fields of Physics, Sound Engineering and Music has been trying to make a better explanation in the fields of Astronomy and Physics, using the language of music. Bijan Norouz’s Group have had cooperation with the Iranian Space Agency and also with some Space Centers of other countries.

Producing astronomical documentaries together with its related music, this music band, has done its best in encouraging the audiences to study more about the cosmic issues and the Universe. Imagine listening to a scientific music which you hear while watching a documentary about the Sun. The music you hear is engineered in a way to engage your mind with the astronomical phenomena.

The first album of the band, named Gravity (G.R.A.V.I.T.Y.) is already published and includes five tracks, each has come together with a video clip, which helps a better understanding about the music. The main focus of the album is on issues such as the Sun, Light Pollution, Noise Pollution, Nuclear Explosion, etc.

About the equipment and his own workspace, Bijan Norouz has mentioned: In our producing projects we try to consider music as a technology and science. It is necessary to say that the whole process of Musical Notation, Composing, Playing, Recording, Mixing and Mastering of our productions is fulfilled in the personal studio of the music band. We also offer some other services to our audiences, such as Dolby Surround Sound versions of 5.1 and 7.1, which allows listing to the music on Dolby Surround Audio Systems.

All the music products has Publication License from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Drop-off Number of National Library of Iran, Registration of Literary or Artistic, Global Trade Item Number, National Product Identification Number and The International Standard Recording Code.

Translated by: Fatemeh Hematian

Source: musicema